Zlatan Joins Bella Alubo On The Remix Of Her Latest Single, 'Agbani'

Zlatan is always a solid addition!

Back in August, Bella Alubo released her first solo effort this year, "Agbani". Giving fans a little over a month to digest the impressive song, Bella has now given the track a new lease of life, enlisting one of the hottest new acts of 2019, Zlatan for the remix.


Produced by T.U.C, "Agbani" is a short and sweet record, upon which Bella Alubo confesses her sexual desires, singing that she can't wait to get intimate with her partner. As well as complimenting Bella's seductive vocals with his vivacious adlibs, Zlatan is, of course, awarded a verse.


Replacing Bella Alubo's wistful second verse, Zlatan's work on the remix, like most of his collaborations this past year, certainly uplifts the track. On his solid verse, Zlatan is significantly less occupied with sex, coming off as entirely more loving than the sensual songstress. 

Listen to the solid remix below:

By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 20/09/2019


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