(Photo: Yemi Alade/YouTube)


Yemi Alade Releases Short Film For Her Love Song, 'Home'

Directed by Clarence Peters!

Shortly after the release of Woman of Steel, Yemi Alade dropped a colourful video for one of the album's strongest singles, "Home"The music video for "Home", which showed Yemi Alade unable to get a certain guy out of her mind, has now been fleshed out into a short film.

(Photo: Yemi Alade/YouTube)

Home (the movie) opens with Yemi Alade racing towards her lover, Austine (Frankincense Eche-Ben) who is waiting for her in the rain. Unfortunately, Austine's driver grows impatient, whisking him away before Nneka (Yemi Alade's character) makes it to the meeting point. 

The rest of the short film lays out the events leading up to their travel plans. As it turns out, Nneka's plan was to run away with Austine, fleeing from her abusive grandmother, played by Clarion Chukwura. 

Naturally, Yemi Alade performs the Vtek-produced "Home" during the course of the short film, interrupting the drama with a second edit of the "Home" music video. Like the original video, the short film was directed by Clarence Peters, who also wrote the screenplay.

Watch the short film, Home below:

By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 10/09/2019