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YCee Sheds Some Light On His Upcoming Debut Album, 'YCee Vs. Zaheer'

"I rap and I sing, and I’m too dope at both to let you box me in"

For a while now, YCee has been teasing his upcoming debut album, YCee vs. Zaheer, and although it has been over a year since the project was in its "concluding" stages, we’re finally getting concrete news of its imminent arrival.


This year, we’ve seen YCee team up with a diverse range of artists, from the former L.O.S rapper, Zamir, to Ghanaian singer, Becca. For his forthcoming project, Ycee assures us that there are many more collaborations to come, even tweeting to fans that he’s got Davido on the line-up.

Last year, YCee teased that the album would feature Wizkid and Phyno alongside Davido, but having cut down the tape from 19 songs to just 15, we’re not sure if tracks featuring those two stars will still end up making the cut.

In addition to the tracklist changes, YCee's debut album has also been given a different name. Previously called Ain't Nobody Badder Than, YCee now says the project is to be called YCee vs Zaheer. Speaking with Konbini about the significance of this new name, YCee says:


"The number one goal of this album is to showcase the versatility in the entire YCee brand and not just the versatility in the music.

With this album we want to establish both sides of the same person in a way that the audience gets to appreciate the two sides as one, and hopefully lay the "is YCee a rapper or singer" conversation to rest. 

I’m honestly tired of it, I rap and I sing and I’m too dope at both to let you box me in."

Promising to divulge every single version of himself on the tape, YCee hopes that his fans will be able to relate to at least one aspect of the project and be inspired by different elements of the album, in whatever way. 


Although debut albums often pile on the pressure, the former Tinny Entertainment fore-runner isn't worried about the quality of his music, he's only worried about how the album will be distributed and marketed now that he's independent.

With massive hits such as "Juice", "Omg Alhaji" and "Jagaban" to his name, YCee vs. Zaheer is primed to be one of the most exciting debut albums on the scene, especially considering the fact we don’t get nearly enough visible mainstream rap albums.

Until then, listen to YCee's latest single, "Balance", below: 


By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 21/08/2019

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