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SA's Shekhinah & Mariechan Drop The Video For Their Confident Duet, 'Different'

When it comes to duets, it's very rare for both artists to bring their A-game, or for one artist to not feel like a weird fit for the song (think Lady Gaga on Beyoncé's "Video Phone"). But when two talented artists get it right they really get it RIGHT!

When it comes to female r&b duets in particular, we've had the epic Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston "When You Believe" and the iconic Brandy and Monica "The Boy Is Mine", and now we can add South Africa's Shekhinah and Mariechan to the list with their addictive and confident duet, "Different".

"Different" is one of the standout tracks off Shekhinah's impeccably well-produced and cohesive debut album, Rose Gold and we've been excitedly waiting for her to drop the video, which she finally has!


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On the Mae N. Maejor-produced track, Shekhinah and Mariechan's vocals beautiful merge, complimenting each other while still managing to bring something different to the table. And in the video, the ladies choose to go with a minimalistic theme, showcasing how beautiful the differences in people are, especially when we own and embrace our differences.

We're not sure if this was intentional, but the video starts with two white ladies looking hella snobbish and judgemental while Shekhinah, Mariechan and various people of colour express themselves and serve fashion lewks from start to finish - and we are here for it!


Watch the clip below:

By Damilola Odufuwa, published on 07/06/2018


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