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Preyé Is Free From The Shackles Of Love In Her Video For 'Love Fumes'

'Love Fumes' is Preyé first solo single of the year!

Earlier this year, we profiled Preyé, one of Nigeria's most powerful emerging vocalists. A few months after we gushed about her immense talent, Preyé dropped her first solo single of the year, "Love Fumes", which she has now followed up with a liberating music video. 

(Photo: Preyé/YouTube)


Produced by DOZ, "Love Fumes" is a sassy number that finds Preyé tackling infidelity. Activating her Lemonade-inspired crazy, Preyé spends most of the song longing to escape her cheating ex's "love fumes", which surround her even when he's not around. 

The music video for "Love Fumes", solidly directed by Joshua Ahazie, is the second act in Preyé's depiction of her post-breakup journey — the first being the recently released video for her preceding single, "Cookies", which explores acceptance.

Promoting a message of liberation, the "Love Fumes" music video depicts the freedom Preyé wishes for, as she's out on the streets and in an arcade enjoying her new-found liberty, while her ex is wallowing on his own, in search of the one he lost.


Watch "Love Fumes" below:

By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 23/09/2019


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