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Prettyboy D-O Steals The Show On Seki SuperVillain's New Song, 'Pads'

The track also features Young Gaby!

Prettyboy D-O is one of Nigeria's most exciting and original new rappers, bringing his signature flair to whatever he touches. That's probably why Seki SuperVillain enlisted him, alongside Young Gaby, for the excellent "Pads" — a standout off his self-titled tape. 


SekiSuperVillain is exclusively produced by 1TakeNnandos (the rising beatsmith behind "Diamonds", a gem off Santi's acclaimed debut album, Mandy & the Jungle), and he opts for a stunning, moody opening when it comes to the beat for "Pads".


Kicked off by Seki SuperVillain, Prettyboy D-O glides onto "Pads" with a startling contrast to Seki's bars, arresting us right from the jump. D-O reminisces about his hustling days, criticising people for forming for him while he was down.

Sandwiched between Seki and Young Gaby, Prettyboy D-O's dynamic verse — where he sings, raps, and occasionally wails — is definitely the most exciting part of the track, perfectly positioned between the two tamer, yet both outstanding, verses. 

Listen to "Pads" right here:

By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 19/09/2019


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