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Listen To Reminisce's Latest Sarz-Produced Single, 'OGB4IG'

A commendable hip-hop record!

Over the last few months, since Blaqbonez claimed to be the "Best Rapper In Africa", hip-hop fans have become increasingly interested in the conversation of who deserves the title. Now, Reminisce has chucked his hat into the ring, insisting he is the best on latest single, "OGB4IG".


Boasting that he's been thugging since the '90s, Reminisce's Sarz-produced "OGB4IG" sees him confidently claim his legend status, as he announces that he was indeed an OG in the game before Instagram — and its perceived adverse effects on hardcore rap — came about. 


As is typical of these bolshy rap records, Reminisce brags about his wealth, reminds us of his ability to take care of his people, and, of course, declares himself "the best"— unmatched by any of the newer rappers emerging today, whom he condescendingly describes as "these kids".

Listen to "OGB4BIG" below:

By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 19/09/2019


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