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Discover: The Whimsical, Surreal And Brilliant World Of Tierra Whack

When Tierra Whack released her infectious yet incomprehensible single, "Mumbo Jumbo", the world finally began to take notice of the talented philly-born rapper.

With the release of the song's accompanying video, which felt like hip-hop/music's version of Get Out, Tierra Whack fully showcased what can only be described as her 'wacky' but brilliant mind.


Initially starting out in Philadelphia's battle rap scene as Dizzle Dizz at the age of 15, Tierra wanted to avoid being stereotyped as just a freestyle rapper and more as a fully fledged artist. Over time, she honed her craft, inspired by artists like Lauryn Hill, Eminem and Outkast - the latter being know for their eccentric and creative style of hip-hop. 

Earlier this month, the 22-year-old released her masterful project, Whack World - which consists of 15 songs in 15 minutes - and you can defintely feel the influence of artists like Outkast and early Eminem (when he played with the use of skits and his alter ego, Slim Shady). The surreal project was accompanied by an equally bizarre but beautiful 15-minute visual. Easily digestible but not lacking depth.

On why she made the project so short, Tierra said to The New York Times:


"...And my age, my generation, we get bored so easily. I know how I am — I’ll listen to a new song and I only want to hear 30 seconds of it before I tell you, 'Nope — trash.'

I have a really short attention span, but I have so much to offer. I wanted to put all of these ideas into one universe, one world. I’m giving you a trip through my mind."

(Photo: Tierra Whack/YouTube/ NYT compilation)

An exciting mix of slow jams, doo-wop vibes, trap bops and hilarious nursery rhymes about pets, deadbeat guys and more, Whack World will have you constantly replaying the short but satisfying project.

Standout tracks include EVERY SONG (no, really, every song is perfect). But if we really had to choose, we'd say "Black Nails", "Cable Guy", "Hookers", "Fuck Off" where she debuts a hilarious redneck accent, "Fruit Salad" and "Pet Cemetery" where she sings about missing her dog - but in this case dog appears to be both her actual pet and her friend (her dawg, get it?). 

If you love artists like Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, Chance The Rapper, Bruno Mars, Cee Lo, Janelle Monaé and Outkast - artists that enjoy playing with melodies, vocal delivery and song themes regardless of how outlandish they might be - then you'll truly appreciate the wonderful and wacky mind of Tierra Whack.

Listen to Whack World below, which Tierra describe as a "visual and auditory project" and download it here.

By Damilola Odufuwa, published on 14/06/2018


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