(Photo: Brymo/Instagram)

Brymo Introduces Us To His New Band With A Stellar Self-Titled EP, 'A.A.A'

Infusing folk music, psychedelic rock and African rhythms to produce truly unique sounds

Brymo is one of the most talented musician working today, but unfortunately, he is also one of the most sporadic, dropping music in a pretty on and off manner. Well, luckily for us, Brymo is back on, with an awesome new band and a self-titled EP, A.A.A.  


A.A.A are a group of talented musicians — infusing folk music, psychedelic rock and African rhythms — with Brymo as the lead vocalist, Jad Moukarim as the lead guitar, Laughter as the bass guitarist and Adey Omotade on the drums.

Opening with the folk tune, "Johnbull", A.A.A sees Brymo predominantly muse about loved ones that have left him, from a son-figure on the album opener, to a lover on album standout, "Take Me Back To November", an impassioned number that shows of his vocal range. 

On the rock-leaning "Mary Had an Orgasm" — Brymo's new favourite song — the versatile act gets more political, as he focuses on Nigeria. Thanks to Brymo's Yoruba lyrics and Adey Omotade's uptempo drums, "Mary Had an Orgasm" emerges as the EP's finest fusion of African and global sounds.


As the lead vocalist on the project, Brymo's outstanding voice is the biggest draw, however, that doesn't stop the instrumentalists from flaunting their stuff. On "Johnbull", Jad Moukarim is awarded an electric guitar riff, which beautifully exhibits his plucky skills.

Laughter's work on the bass guitar forms the highlight of "Golden Eyes", while Adey Omotade's time to shine comes on the 7-minute long album closer, which sees him show off his skills on the drums for the closing couple of minutes. 


Overall, each act brings an irreplaceable fire to this thoroughly enjoyable EP. Truly a universale body of work, A.A.A is a refreshing exploration of a plethora of sounds that we simply aren't used to hearing, so we're really hoping we get to hear more from this new band. 

Listen to A.A.A below: 


By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 05/08/2019