(Photo: Sasha P)

Blast From The Past: Where Is The First Lady Of Nigerian Hip-Hop, Sasha P Now?

We've previously mentioned that our golden era for Nigerian music lies somewhere between 2008 and 2012. Not only were we given amazing jams, from ElDee's "Big Boy" to Iyanya's "Kukere", we also enjoyed a more wide-ranging industry, where patois singers such as Shank thrived alongside female rappers such as Sasha P.

In her heyday, Sasha P was the most prominent woman in Nigerian hip hop, rightfully earning her the title of First Lady. As well as hit singles, such as "Emi Le Gan" and "Adara", she was also extremely decorated and achieved a number of firsts for Nigerian women.


In 2008, she became the first Nigerian female artist to perform at the World Music Awards, and two years later was the first Nigerian to win the Best Female Award at the MTV Africa Music Awards.Since her 'break' from music to focus on her clothing line, Eclectic by Sasha, we've barely heard a word from Sasha P. 

Whilst her groundbreaking achievements did indeed pave the way for others to emerge — Mo'Cheddah, Eva Alordiah etc — these days there is a distinct lack of female rappers in Nigeria.This absence does make us miss our first lady even more, and we're sort of still waiting for her to come back from her break to fill this gap. At least we still have her old gems to keep us going! 


By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 18/10/2018