(Photo: Zuri/ Instagram)

Zuri Is The Lagos-Based Jewellery Brand Looking To Meet Your Accessory Needs

"Collections that simply make every woman feel beautiful"

Shopping for clothes in Lagos is notoriously difficult for young people, and jewellery shopping isn't any less so. Finding quality and affordable pieces can turn into a whole day’s affair, leaving you tired and frustrated. Thankfully, Lagos-based jewellery brand, Zuri is here to change that. 


After experiencing a tedious jewellery hunt around Lagos, Teni Oguntayo and Lamide Sadipe, co-founders of Zuri Lagos, decided to fix the problem. Named after the Swahili word for "beautiful", the co-founders believe Zuri will leave every woman feeling exactly that.

Speaking with Konbini, Sadipe explained:

"We wanted to create affordable jewellery collections that simply make every woman feel beautiful.

Jewellery has the power to elevate your outfit, your presence and we want all our girls to feel beautiful, confident always."


Less than a year old, Zuri has already debuted two collections — they launched with their Sparkle Collection, which was followed by their Summer Collection that plays with more colours and gold.  They have a third collection planned for their first year anniversary in December.

Although they do not design the pieces themselves, that is the ultimate goal. Sadipe continued:


"For now, we scout jewellery designs we believe will work together to form a cohesive collection.

Having a factory in Nigeria which is equipped and able to manufacture affordable yet good quality jewellery pieces is the ultimate goal."

With a pretty youthful target market, roughly between the ages of 15 and 30, Zuri is catering to a generation of women who are "aware of and love the power of technology in simplifying processes," Sadipe says. She goes on:


"For example, as opposed to driving around Lagos hopping from store to store for a piece of jewellery will much rather shop online.

Equally, we enjoy creating collections of fun pieces of jewellery with colour, staple designs such as safety pin earrings and so on- which we feel are most appreciated by this target range."

Although it has, so far, been difficult to grow the brand beyond their immediate social circle, Sadipe and Oguntayo are determined to find effective and sustainable ways to do that, and the infant brand is doing a solid job of it.

With an accessible website and a physical presence — they’re stocked in the Mohini Experience Studio on Akin Adesola, Victoria Island — we are guessing that it won’t be very long until Zuri becomes a staple accessory brand in Nigeria.

Check out their website here, their Instagram page or visit Mohini to shop Zuri’s amazing collections.

By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 23/08/2019