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Why Men Should Look To Adebayo Oke-Lawal For Style Inspiration

When the term 'menswear' comes to mind, one immediately pictures clothes made to pronounce normative ideas of masculinity. You immediately think starched 3-piece suits, rugged and worn out denim or heavy agbadas.

This is not the case for Adebayo Oke-Lawal, creative director of Orange Culture, as for him, menswear should be a more welcoming term – one that makes room for actual and definitive style which he shows every time he steps out.

Tuesday. Tunic from @mankaveclothing shoes @monimorganshoes

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Orange Culture's ability to transcend the rigidity of traditional menswear has made it a favourite around the globe. Bayo's Instagram is the perfect mood board for this, as he translates the brand's ethos really well into his wardrobe. Just like Bayo himself, his wardrobe is bright and delightful, and he owns everything he wears all the time. 

Speaking to Vogue about his influence in Nigerian fashion, Bayo said: 

"I think now, the modern man in Nigeria would have a coloured suit, for example. A few years ago, to see a man in a coloured suit was ridiculous.

I know five years ago I made a suit that was red and I received a lot of backlash. But now I see men with a pink suit, a green suit, a yellow suit, and I’m like, whoa! I think men are open to colour. I think that’s one of the strongest advances. It’s exciting."

Given that Nigerian men generally can't dress, it's a breath of fresh air to see one with such great style. Our favourite thing is how diverse and versatile his outfit choices are, yet they still come together cohesively. From colourful suits to flowey silk tunics, his personal style exhibits the kind of effortless composition that most men and women crave. 

 Check out some of our fave lewks à la Bayo right here: 

Dressed to fight malaria .

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By Damilola Animashaun, published on 13/03/2018