Why Lawyer-Turned-Hairstylist, Jody Ogidigben Launched A Natural Hair Brand

Every black woman who has transitioned from relaxed to natural hair knows how bittersweet the experience can be – you become obsessed with your newly discovered hair texture but struggle to figure out how to properly take care of it.

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In a bid to make the transition journey a bit easier for Nigerian women (and men), lawyer-turned-hairstylist Jody Ogidigben, who transitioned 4 years ago, created a natural hair brand called Jody's Curl Box.


The brand has a range of 6 products including a cleansing and hydrating shampoo, a daily growth leave-in moisturizer, a herbal growth elixir, a 2-in-1 protein and hydrating deep conditioner, a daily spritz with rosewater and a beard growth butter for men.

Jody Ogidigben (Photo: Jody's Curl Box)

Calling natural hair her "9 to 9 job", Jody doesn't only focus on her hair brand, she also works as a hairstylist (specifically for natural hair) – and going by the stunning looks on her Instagram page, she's pretty damn great at it.


Speaking with Konbini about what inspired her to start the company and what makes it special, Jody said:

"I decided to create Jody's Curl Box because I realized there was a real problem. Nigerian women could not/can not figure out how to handle and grow their natural hair."

What makes it special is the handwhipped nature. I have over 25 unique oils in each blend. Each oil designed to fill a need you hair has."

You can learn more about the brand on their Instagram.

(Photo: Jody's Curl Box)

By Nescafé, published on 23/10/2017


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