(Photo: Betbiga via Instagram)

Samuel Chukwueze Among Players To Watch In Coming Season, According To UEFA

UEFA named him one of 50 rising stars to watch.

Across Europe, football leagues are getting ready to open the curtain on the 2019-20 season. While fans are looking forward to seeing how the players will fare, UEFA has made the wait more interesting by naming 50 rising stars to watch, and Samuel Chukwueze made the cut.

(Photo: Villarreal)


Is anyone surprised? Chukwueze did so well in the last season that his name became synonymous with his club, Villarreal. During his appearance at the 2019 AFCON, commentators couldn't help but mention how much impact he had in La Liga before flying down for the competition.

Considering his outstanding performances, UEFA reckons he'll be a familiar name in 2020 because he's a "precocious winger with UEFA Europa League experience". Well, it must be 2020 already because, thanks to the work he's put in, there's no La Liga fan who'll say they don't know Chukwueze's name.

We can't wait to see him continue to impress in the new season.


By Prince Jacon, published on 01/08/2019