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Tobi Jaiyesimi Is Providing Books To Children In Disadvantages Communities

Like a lot of smart Nigerians, Tobi Jaiyesimi understands the power of information. Driven by a selfless need to increase access to quality education, and an awareness of social, economic, political and cultural topics in Nigeria, Tobi founded The Book Banque.

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The Book Banque is a social enterprise committed to providing children in disadvantaged communities with access to both academic and non-academic materials – with the aim of cultivating the habit of reading among young Nigerians.

Tobi is also committed to preserving Nigeria's diverse cultural heritage by increasing awareness on social, economic and political issues in the country – through articles, virtual book clubs and more.

Tobi Jaiyesimi (Photo: Marianne Olaleye)

About what inspired her to create The Book Banque, Tobi said on her website:

"It was inspired by the desire to fill the gap in terms of resources and knowledge, in order for Nigerian youth to broaden their horizons, innovatively seek solutions, be more (culturally) aware, and avoid making the same mistakes of our past leaders."

A little over a year old, Tobi has used articles, reviews, projects and events to inch The Book Banque a little closer to its overall mission; and we are totally rooting for her.

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By Nescafé, published on 25/08/2017