(Photo: Severe Nature NG/Instagram)


Severe Nature Is The Nigerian Streetwear Brand You Need To Know

It is no secret that streetwear has taken over the fashion world over the past few years. Simply look at Louis Vuitton, which went from a collaboration with Supreme to hiring an artistic director who created one of the most definitive streetwear brands.

As one of the world's most fashionable populations, Nigerians have wholeheartedly embraced this streetwear trend. But where Vans and Supreme reign abroad, we've focused our gaze on local streetwear brands such as Modus Vivendii, Waffles n' Cream and Severe Nature

Severe Nature has not always been located in Nigeria, but with their aim of introducing streetwear as a respected form of fashion in Africa, the brand made the tough, but inevitable, decision to fully commit to the Nigerian market, mid-way through 2017.

It's been almost two years since their big move, and Severe Nature has markedly contributed to the growth of the fellowship between streetwear enthusiasts in Nigeria's creative scene. One of the creative minds who helms Severe Nature, Soul G tells Konbini:

"I feel we have impacted the Nigerian fashion industry by creating an expressive environment for streetwear in Nigeria, not just the clothing but the events, the pop-ups, the shows."

Whereas growing up one would have to wait for friends or parents to travel before being able to rock the latest dope t-shirt, these days it's as easy as taking a trip to 2 Alexander, where Severe Nature's store is located.

Although Severe Nature doesn't have a precise starting point, the brand has had a great impact since its inception. Comparing the brand to the earth, Soul G muses:

"We don't know when it started but plan to never let it end. It is just like the earth we are not really sure how it came about or when but it was created to accommodate our needs, dreams, and survival." 

Collaborating with a horde of different artists from varying creative fields, Severe Nature has a dream that is bigger than their stock of clothing and accessories. They've held listening sessions, gallery exhibitions and collaborations with other brands, all to fuel their ultimate vision:

"[T]o build a community highly driven by the youth; to support and create a productive ecosystem; [and] to aid progress, whether it be arts, design, sports, music, public relations or whatever.

We plan to create a community that can act as a strong support for the youth to display their abilities to the world on the best platform."

Take a look at the Severe Nature Nigeria's Instagram page and their online store.

By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 12/02/2019