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Here's A Look At Mowalola's Blazing Collection At London Fashion Week Men's 2019

Two months ago, it was announced that Mowalola and her eponymous brand would grace the catwalk at London Fashion Week' s Menswear Autumn/Winter '19  season, having been selected as one of the three Fashion East showcases. 


Given Mowalola's eclectic inspirations, psychedelic imagination and avant-garde realisations, we were already expecting something unprecedented. Yet despite our best preparations, Mowalola still managed to blow us out of the water with her unconventional artistry.

Styled by IB Kamara, a frequent collaborator and friend of Mowalola's, the collection included racy mini skirts, barely-there halter tops and slashed leather jackets, supplemented by dramatic Christian Louboutin boots and theatrical make-up.


Using denim, PVC and leather, Mowalola kept with her flair for bright colours and contrasts. The models paraded in bright blues that were contrasted with acid-dyed yellow, and hot pinks lit up the runway beside Mowalola's signature fiery dyed maroon.

Although she made the decision to expand her collection into womenswear, Mowalola retained her mantra of fluidity by not dividing her show by gender, as is customary.Speaking with i-D , the designer expressed her intentions to deliver "Sex. More sex. More sexy." 

Elaborating on her plans for the collection, Mowalola said:

"I’m interested in exposure  — whether that’s emotional exposure, showing your skin, or becoming fully vulnerable  — and the idea of expressing that through the way that you dress"

Mowalola certainly succeeded on her unapologetic mission to both impose and expose sexiness, with a phenomenal London Fashion Week debut that will go down in the history books. 

By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 08/01/2019


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