(Photo: Peter Odemwingie via Twitter)

After Retiring From Football, Is Golf The Next Sport For Peter Odemwingie?

Tiger Woods, watch your back!

It's been exactly six months since Peter Odemwingie officially retired from football, but it doesn't look like he plans to stay idle. In fact, the former Super Eagles player has taken a surprising interest in golf, and he has revealed that he plans to go as far as possible in the sport.


Checking out his Instagram page, you can't miss seeing the former footballer dressed up in full golfer gear, enjoying every moment of the sport. Among other things, Odemwingie talked about this new-found love for the game in a recent interview with Planet Football.

The 38-year-old revealed that he only started playing golf when he came to England, but he has become so good that he can't be categorized as an amateur. In fact, he has gone the extra mile, competing in events at professional tours, and from the look of things, he's doing well enough.


By Prince Jacon, published on 12/09/2019


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