'On The Couch Naija' Is The Millennial Talk Show We've Been Waiting For

Every hot minute, there's a new talk show birthed on the internet, usually with the aim of tackling uncomfortable conversations and helping millennials unlearn the harmful ideologies that society has ingrained in us.

Unfortunately, a lot of these shows end up being counter-productive, as they mostly do more harm than good. However, we've got a wind of change with a thoughtful new talk show, On The Couch With Laila & Falz


We're sure you've seen the viral clip above of a presidential aspirant saying that it is impossible for black people to create and be innovative, and thanks to On The Couch, he was shown up and has since stepped down from the presidential race


This talk show, which is hosted by TV Presenter, Laila Johnson-Salami and rapper, Falz. aims to have informal conversations about our social and political climate. The first two episodes have been with presidential aspirants, Fela Durotoye and Olasubomi Okeowo.

Laila and Falz are on to something, as they are both clearly smart, and in the first two episodes have brought about thought-provoking and poignant conversations amongst us millennials. Shows like this are way more productive than having a bunch of people trying to dissect topics they clearly don't have the range for. 

We would love to see more shows like this with conversational depth that we can all learn from. We would also love for them to host more political aspirants, so we can get to know the people who are vying to be our leaders.

You can check out the first two episodes right here: 

By Damilola Animashaun, published on 23/08/2018


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