(Photo: Efe Ajagba via Instagram)


Nigerian Boxer, Efe Ajagba Knocked Out His Opponent In The First Round Of A Fight

There’s no way you won’t remember Efe Ajagba, the Nigerian boxer who scored the fastest victory in boxing history without throwing a single punch. Well, he has followed up that history-making fight with another feat: He knocked out American boxer, Nick Jones in the first round of their fight on Sunday!

The fight, which happened in Ontario, was supposed to be a battle of undefeated heavyweights, given that it was the seventh fight for both boxers and none of them had ever lost before.

Ajagba didn’t waste time showing who the real undefeated heavyweight was. Nearing the end of the first round, he delivered a strong right-hand shot that sent Jones to the ground face first. When Jones got up, it was too late, as the referee waved off the contest.

Ajagba now has seven wins in seven fights, with six of them ending in knockouts – and he’s thirsty for more. He’s quoted by Complete Sports as saying:

"I’m going to rule the world. We’re going to shake the world. I knew from the beginning that I would knock him out."

Watch the knockout moment below:

By Prince Jacon, published on 02/10/2018