Nigeria Won The First Ever Jollof Rice Competition In Washington DC

If there's one thing Nigerians are the champions of, it's having the best Jollof Rice - we fight for the title too. Because no matter how many problems we face, we'll always have our Jollof Rice. Last week, a Jollof Festival was held in Washington DC, United States, and it featured a Jollof Hackathon.

(Photo: Sisi Jemimah)

(Photo: Sisi Jemimah)

Teams of 2-3 people representing African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Liberia competed for which country has the best Jollof Rice. About 600 people then went through a blind tasting to decide the winner.

Each finalist was given five minutes to present their dish to the judges who based their decisions on participants’ presentation, taste, and originality. Ms Atinuke Ogunsalu, of Queensway Resaurant and Catering, Maryland, represented Nigeria and won the Jollof Hackathon - as expected. She was rewarded with the sum of US$1000 and the role of chef at Jollof Caviar, an upcoming African fusion Restaurant launching in Washington in 2 years.

The Jollof wars will continue at the Jollof Festival in Brooklyn, NYC on July 23rd. Of course this win doesn't just establish the superiority of Nigerian Jollof, it establishes our superiority over Ghanaian Jollof, and to be honest that's enough. If like us, you're concerned with why the festival took place in the US and not in Africa, then you're overthinking it. Let's all just agree that Nigerian Jollof is nobody's mate.

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By Olanrewaju Eweniyi, published on 10/07/2017