(Photo: NG To The World via Twitter)


Nigeria-Born Kamaru Usman Becomes The First Ever UFC Champion Out Of Africa

Two years ago, Kamaru Usman was beginning to garner enough buzz that we at Konbini caught a whiff of his greatness. The Edo-born fighter made it clear that he was determined to become a champion, and that dream came true over the weekend when he won the UFC welterweight championship.

This makes him the first UFC champion out of Africa, and the first Nigerian champion in the history of the competition.

In case you didn’t know, UFC (or the Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the biggest MMA competition in the world, and Usman didn’t have it easy clinching that coveted 170-pound title. He climbed up the ranks in MMA to meet Tyron Woodley in last weekend’s decisive fight.

Usman came with so much force that he owned the fight until the fifth round when he finally took an exhausted Woodley down – leaving him to cool off in the corner of the ring. It would interest you to know that that was the fourth time Woodley was defending the title.

Still unbeaten in UFC so far, there are reports that the 31-year-old will face one-time interim welterweight champion, Colby Covington next. He has already made it clear that he can’t wait to brutalize the American in the ring, and we can't wait to witness it.

By Prince Jacon, published on 04/03/2019