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Nathaniel Okwoli Created An Online Community For Authors & Book Lovers

Reading by yourself is old news. If you didn't already know, the only thing better than finishing a great book is finding someone (or a bunch of people) to discuss said book with; isn't that the whole appeal of book clubs?

Well, it's been a long time coming but book clubs have finally become more popular in Nigeria, both online (@TheReadClub) and offline (The Sunshine Book Club), which explains why Nathaniel Okwoli took it up a notch with Booklify.

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An online platform for authors and book lovers


Launched a little over a month ago, Booklify is an online bookstore and platform devoted to creating a global community of book lovers – from readers to authors – by encouraging them to discuss and share their favourite books.

On the site, readers can sort books by categories, follow a particular author, write book reviews and share or recommend books to their virtual book club. The authors can also publish and sell their books while engaging with their readers.

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About what inspired him to create Booklify, Nathaniel said on his website:

"In 2016, I was searching for a book to read and a friend suggested Peter Theil’s 'Zero to One' since he understood my interests.

It dawned on me that the books that will turn out to be my favourite books can only be recommended to me by my friends. At that point, the Booklify dream was born."

Learn more about Booklify here – and sign up to try out the service here.


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By Nescafé, published on 21/08/2017


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