(Photo: Kanu Nwankwo via Instagram)

Kanu Nwankwo Opens A Football Academy To Support Young Talent In Nigeria

From opening an internet-based sports station to organizing and playing in a number of charity games, Kanu Nwankwo has continued to come up with different ways to support football in Nigeria since his retirement seven years ago.

His latest idea comes in the form of a football academy, which he recently unveiled in Lagos.


Called the Kanu International Football Academy (KIFA), the initiative is one of Kanu's ways of giving back to society. Yahoo Sports reports that the main aim of the academy is to train young people in the beautiful game of football, and by so doing, discover young talent across the country.

In Nigeria, talented footballers and athletes are often frustrated when searching for good opportunities. Kanu hopes to end this through the academy. As a side, KIFA will also be involved in educating the kids.

Speaking about the academy, Kanu said:


"KIFA is not just here for football but also to enhance these kids' education through EFootPlus because, without the right knowledge and morals, they won't be able to achieve their football goals."

Although Lagos serves as the headquarters, the outfit reportedly has over 20 centres across Nigeria.

By Prince Jacon, published on 17/05/2019


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