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Here's What To Expect At The Second Edition Of The Homecoming Festival

December in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos, is widely known for its unrelenting deluge of social events — from innumerable high-energy concerts to gripping art exhibitions.

While the Easter holiday weekends are decidedly less busy, prominent events, such as Arise Fashion Week, Gidi Fest and the Homecoming Festival, have made this break another attractive season in the bustling metropolis. 


Held over the Easter weekend, the Homecoming Festival is a cultural exchange of fashion, music and sporting activities, curated to display the creativity of Nigeria's young people, alongside their international counterparts. 


The weekend will begin with a fashion pop-up, held across the three days of the festival. Local brands, such as Kenneth Ize, Mowalola and Vivendii, will present alongside international brands like Nike, Places+Faces and more, offering limited edition products.

As well as dishing out these exclusive items for festival-goers to drool over at the pop-up, Homecoming will also give attendees the opportunity to create at their recreational jersey workshop, courtesy of Nike.

Although we can’t promise a run in with the iconic Naomi Campbell this year, the jersey workshop is still set to be a thrilling and interactive event that will bring fans a little closer to the game, as they imbibe the jersey culture.

Similar to last year, the jersey workshop will be followed by a Homecoming Football Cup, co-hosted by The Native. In addition to the football match, this year's sporting schedule will also include a skate jam, hosted by Wafflesncream.

Music is an integral part of Nigerian culture, so it is only right that the three-day festival should close with a concert: The Homecoming Live Show. Including local and international acts, the live show promises to be an unforgettable evening to round off the Easter weekend.

The Homecoming Festival was one of the most exciting additions to Lagos’ cultural calendar last year, so we are truly buzzed for its second edition, coming up later this month. More information, particularly the live show's headliners, will be released as the days go by.

To get you in the spirit, here is Julie Adenuga’s Homecoming Recap from last year:

The Homecoming Festival will take place from April 19-21. Tickets are available for purchase on their website here.

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By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 02/04/2019


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