We Shouldn't Let Naira Marley's Latest Dance Move Become A Thing

In these parts, viral dance moves are a vital part of pop culture, as they tend to inform the kind of songs that get made. So, considering the influence they have, it’s not surprising that a lot of artists attempt to create the wave, with Naira Marley being the latest with his new dance: Soapy.


The controversial singer, who was recently arrested on suspicion of internet fraud, introduced the new dance last week when he dropped "Soapy" —  his first single since being released from EFCC custody — and it’s safe to say we're less than impressed.

Prior to the song’s release, Naira Marley seemed to be on a rather productive path, riding the wave of his newly found popularity by presenting himself as an advocate for prison reform, and even preparing to make his Nollywood debut. 

It didn't take him too long to disappoint us, as the first chance he got to translate his experience into his music, he comes out with a juvenile song about masturbation, complete with a dance move which calls for the act to be simulated in public.



This certainly isn't something that should be waved off as inconsequential, because when you consider Nigeria's extremely dangerous attitude towards sexual harassment, failure to nip things like this in the bud sends a silent message that it's okay. 

Just the other day, a woman tweeted video evidence of a man sexually harassing her by masturbating in public. So, it’s definitely not a joke, and we should all stop this dance from enabling normalised views regarding any form of sexual violence.


As expected, people have already taken the dance too far, using it as a means to harass women (video above). Sexual assault is any kind of sexual activity that wasn’t consented to, and men should not be allowed to mimic the action of masturbation on a woman in the guise of a dance move.

Ignoring this dance will only encourage and enable the culture of sexual violence, creating a more dangerous climate for women everywhere. The discussion to change the culture of sexual assault in these parts is layered, and we need to tackle the issue from all angles.

Here’s how Nigerian Twitter feels about the dance move: 

By Damilola Animashaun, published on 01/07/2019


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