Here's Why Anthony Joshua's Rematch With Andy Ruiz Was Moved To Saudi Arabia

The fight will take place on December 7!

Three months ago, Anthony Joshua looked like he was really close to becoming the undisputed heavyweight world champion, but his shocking loss to Andy Ruiz Jr in New York threatened to come in the way of that.

Hoping to get him back on track, Joshua's team kept going back and forth with Ruiz's team regarding where the rematch venue should be. For weeks, the two teams were torn on whether the rematch should be staged in New York or somewhere in the UK.


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Now, thankfully, they've finally agreed on where it will go down, and it's none of the abovementioned places. Instead, the teams settled for Saudi Arabia. While this comes as a surprise to many, it appears they chose the venue because it represents a sort of neutral ground for both boxers.

Aside from that, we now know that Joshua went for the venue because he's anxious to avenge his loss and get his belts back. It has always been his dream to become the undisputed heavyweight world champion, and it wasn’t helping that his time was running out with all the delays.


Because he has more interest in repairing his reputation in the boxing world, the 29-year-old isn't even interested in any financial gains from the rematch. Sky Sports quotes his promoter, Eddie Hearn, as saying:

"I don't think Anthony Joshua needs to cash out. I think he's doing alright. In terms of the risk, there is a greater risk for him in this fight, doing it in a neutral venue, than over in the UK."

The rematch will take place on December 7, and we're rooting for Joshua to win his world titles back.



By Prince Jacon, published on 14/08/2019


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