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Gossy Ukanwoke Is The Founder Of The First Online University In Nigeria

Growing up with teachers for parents, 29-year-old internet entrepreneur Gossy Ukanwoke has always been passionate about education.

In 2010, while he was still an undergrad, Gossy founded Students Circle Network (SCN) – a platform that fuses a social feature with a rich database of over 10,000 academic resources, from notes to tutorials.

According to its website, "[it] allows students to interact and communicate over educational resources, making education and e-learning social and human by giving resources, study groups, social connections, scholarships offers and university placements."


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After the success of SCN, Gossy decided to start Beni American University Research & Development  in 2012 – through which he founded Beni American University and BAU Executive Education 

Beni American University is Nigeria's first online university with an objective to remove the barriers that hamper access to higher education in Africa.


Speaking with CNN about the importance of education, Gossy said:

"It's not just about getting a certificate – education is about teaching people how to make a living and teaching people how to live; how to interact with others, how to lead their lives and make something out of themselves."

While Gossy is setting up a physical campus in Benue as required by Nigerian law, online courses for BAU are still available. And through BAU Executive Education the university offers executive and professional programs that can be completed online.


In January, Gossy became the president of EduTech, an education technology company focused on helping African traditional universities take their on-campus degree programs online.

EduTech has taken programs from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ahmadu Bello University and others online through its platform, reaching thousands of students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

(Photo: CNN)

(Photo: CNN)


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