Getting Fake Dimples Is The New Plastic Surgery Trend Among Millennials

There's virtually no part left in our bodies that plastic surgeons haven't meddled with. From the already common breast implants to butt augmentation, thinner lips, double eyelids and reduction of labia, it seems like everything is possible.

And now, a new trend is pushing the limits even further – dimpleplasty is a dimple creation procedure that adds little indentions in clients' cheeks. According to reports, the surgery has been on a rise among millennial-aged patients.


What are dimples and why are they on demand?

Still unclear if they're genetic or not, dimples are a result of skin being attached to underlying facial muscles, as plastic surgeon Darren Smith explains. He told Allure: "When the muscle under the skin flexes, it pulls the skin, creating a dimple."


However, not all of us have been gifted with these face indentations, and that could be one of the reasons why they're so desirable. Over the years, dimples have been linked to cuteness and attractiveness, mainly because they appear when we smile. Some say dimples remind us of the faces of babies and young children causing warm, positive feelings.

Whatever the reasons, they appear to be enough for people to go under scalpel and have their faces altered.

As Atlanta-based plastic surgeon Wright Jones explains, dimpleplasty is a fairly simple procedure that takes about 30 minutes and only requires local anesthesia. After the operation, patients are left with semi-permanent dimples for about two months. When swelling and soreness go away, the dimple is only visible when the person smiles.

You can watch a short excerpt of the procedure below – only if you're not squeamish, though.

Simple or not, plastic surgeons admit dimpleplasty can leave clients with pretty terrible deformities – creating fake dimples requires extensive knowledge of facial aesthetics, otherwise, the result will look unnatural, appear in the wrong place or disappear over time.

The price of adorning your face with dimples ranges between $800 (N288,000) and $2,500 (N900,000). We recommend you do thorough research and go in for a consultation before committing to it – here's a source that might be helpful.

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By Justina Bakutyte, published on 21/07/2017


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