(Photo: Instagram/Chimamanda Adichie)


These Are Our Favourite Looks From Chimamanda's 'Project Wear Nigerian'

Last year, the Nigerian currency plummeted and our economy went to shit, and people could not afford certain luxuries. 

The silver lining in this economic cloud, however, is #BuyNigeriaToGrowNigeria — which meant that many Nigerians began wearing more made-in-Nigeria designs. This lead to the awareness that our local designs were equally as fashionable as their foreign counterparts, and Chimamanda's Project Wear Nigerian, is at the forefront of projecting this! 

Wearing pieces from Nigerian designers like Grey, DZYN, Gozel Green and many others, Chimamanda has definitely shown how much she loves to play with fashion by rocking colourful pieces with bold and bolshy silhouettes which mirror her personality. 

Speaking about Project Wear Nigerian on Facebook, Chimamanda said: 

"I recently decided to wear mostly Nigerian brands for my public appearances. (Before, by the way, President Buhari declared ‘Made in Nigeria dress’ days.)

In the past few weeks, I’ve bought more Nigerian brands than I ever have in the past. I’ve discovered new names.

I’ve been filled with admiration for the women and men running their businesses despite the many challenges they face.

I’m particularly interested in inward-looking brands, those for whom dressing Nigerian women is as important as other goals."

We're definitely here for her putting Nigerian designers on, and we're also looking forward to seeing which made-in-Nigeria looks she'll be serving throughout 2018! So on that note, these are our favourite looks from her Project Wear Nigerian (so far).


Fashpa was birthed out of frustration as the founder, Honey Ogundeyi, was not able to access quality and fashionable clothes after she moved back to Nigeria. She has since provided us with an array of ready-to-wear pieces that keep up with current fashion trends. Chimamanda donned this Fashpa dress at The New Yorker Festival.


Every Iola piece has a personality of it's own and the shocking diversity of each piece in a collection is telling of this. From structured silhouettes to frills and fringes, their pieces will definitely find some room in your wardrobe! Chimamanda rocked this mellow monotone dress at Dior's 70th anniversary event!

Mae Otti

We love a good ankara suit, as well as a message urging everyone to be feminists. She also mixes low-end and high-end fashion well with this Mae Otti x Dior look, and even though we think she could have worn different shoes, we're here for the mix.


DZYN isn't our fave designer as we get a bit tired of their pom pom sleeves and we would like a bit more diversity from them. Chimamanda's pink and white number, however, is super cute, and would be a nice look for a boozy brunch with the girls!

By Damilola Animashaun, published on 05/01/2018