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Two Nigerians Are Helping Parents Find Good, Affordable Schools For Their Kids

For parents - and sometimes, kids - finding the right balance between good and within budget is usually very tricky, especially when it comes to education. Every parent wants to give their kids the best possible education to at least give them a fighting chance.

Edusko Africa is a startup whose mission is to make that choice infinitely easier to make. Edusko is an education technology startup that connects parents and students with good and affordable schools in Nigeria, Ghana and beyond – with ease and for free. The startup aims to make quality, affordable education available and accessible to parents so that they can make informed decisions about their kids' futures.

(Photo: Edusko)

(Photo: Edusko)

Founded in 2015 by Jide Ayegbusi and Deji Ajala, the platform already has over 3,000 school listings being accessed by over 500,000 parents and students, and their directory cuts across schools in South Africa, Ghana, Canada, and the UK.

On the website, visitors can easily compare available schools and make their choice from Edusko's pool of schools. The startup claims to have systems in place to verify listed schools and, further says, that about 50% of the schools on the platform are already verified.

Now, the big question is: Why would anyone visit Edusko to check for schools, as opposed to crawling the internet, asking for personal recommendations or just making phone calls?

Jide Ayegbusi answers, saying:

"One of our major competitive advantages is the affordability of the schools on our platform. Parents get huge discounts on their children’s school fees even from the leading international schools."

Can't argue with that. People do love their discounts. The founders are of the opinion that the services provided on Edusko have an indirect impact on a nation's GDP. And who's to say that it doesn't?

(Photo: Edusko)

(Photo: Edusko)

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By Olanrewaju Eweniyi, published on 21/04/2017