(Photo: Found in Africa)


Discover Skate Football – An Amazing Combination of Two Sports

Although football is the most popular sport in the world, most people have never heard of a version of the game called skate football; a combination of riding a skateboard and playing football.

Unlike football, the game involves seven players on each side. The players sit on boards while skillfully passing the ball using their hands. The game which originated in Nigeria but has since spread across Africa, is mostly played by polio patients, and day by day it is gradually becoming more popular.

(Photo: Roving Bandits)

(Photo: Roving Bandit)

(Photo: Found in Africa)

(Photo: Found in Africa)

Africa News reports that for the past eight years, Albert Frimpong, a Ghanaian, has continued to train players in the sport. Speaking about the people with disabilities on his team, whom he picked from the streets, he said:

"Using this sport, we have gradually put in their minds that the street is not the ultimate. You will make some money but you can lose your life on any day, at any time.

We have gotten them to agree and now they want to work; they don’t want to beg. But until we get them jobs to do, they will continue to be on the street. 60 percent of their mindset is off the street now."

Watch a video of his team playing below:

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By Prince Jacon, published on 09/03/2017