(Photo: Gaëlle Enganamouit via Instagram)


Cameroon Gets Its First-Ever Football Academy For Girls

In recent times, there have been talks about giving women’s football as much attention as men’s football. While some African countries are barely doing anything progressive in this regard, Cameroonian footballer, Gaëlle Enganamouit has opened her country’s first football academy for girls.

By calling it Rails Football Academy, Enganamouit wanted to pay tribute to the Yaoundé area called ‘Railway’, where she grew up. According to BBC, the academy is located in Yaoundé and is looking to recruit 18 players in each of three categories – under-8, under-13 and under-17.

It’s true that the academy will provide the girls with a whole lot of opportunities, but the sweetest part about it is that the girls aren’t expected to make any contribution whatsoever to their training and education!

Although the academy officially opened last Friday, Enganamouit is already planning to push the envelope a bit further by recruiting players from other regions in Cameroon. With time, the academy also wants to have the players living on the site as they combine their training with school.

By Prince Jacon, published on 08/01/2019