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Botswana Is The Latest African Country To Offer Free Sanitary Products To Women

In June, the Kenyan Government signed into law, a bill that placed the responsibility of providing free, sufficient and quality sanitary towels for girls and young women in public schools on the government. 

In a move led by the Botswana National Front party (BNF), the country is now the latest African nation to provide free sanitary products to young women, especially those still in school.

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The BNF launched the “Ensuring the Dignity of Women” program to push for the distribution of such items for disadvantaged women in 2015, and its members have organized several sanitary drives to make sure that these products get to as many women and girls as possible.

In what must be a surprising turn of events, the motion received an overwhelming backing from other legislators, even from the opposition party. We really hope that Nigeria (and Nigerians) can see the upside of taking responsibility for the sanitary health of its citizens and join these countries in providing sanitary care for women and girls.

Botswanans have taken to Twitter to express their support for the motion:

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By Olanrewaju Eweniyi, published on 03/08/2017