Barcelona Legend, Carles Puyol Will Be In Nigeria This April

As if we didn't have enough reason to be hyped for the UEFA Champions League Tour in Nigeria, it appears the event has something particularly exciting in store. The latest news reaching us is that Barcelona legend, Carles Puyol will be in attendance.

(Photo: Talk Sport)

Considered by many football fans to be one of the greatest defenders to ever play in Europe, the 40-year-old made so much of an impact in Barcelona within 15 years that he has pretty much taken on an idol status in the club.

The Net reports that the tour, which is made possible by Heineken, will mark the first time the football legend will be in Nigeria. The three-day event will take place between April 16 and 18, and will include appearances by Puyol in Lagos and Uyo.

Not just coming to wave and smile, Puyol will give football fans in the country a taste of his legendary skills by featuring in a match with select Heineken consumers. We don’t know where this match will take place yet, but we’re sure getting tickets the minute they go on sale.

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