Attend 'Exposing New Narratives', A Panel Discussion For Creative African Millennials

As a generation, we millennials have broken free from the societal leash that expects us to follow 'traditional' career paths.

Instead of sitting around waiting for opportunities, we create them for ourselves and this is what Amarachi Nwosu, Oyinkan Adeshoye and Amina Isa have done with Exposing New Narratives

(Photo: Melanin Unscripted)


Exposing New Narratives under the Melanin Unscripted platform, is an panel discussion with Maleek Berry, Reni Folawiyo, Grace Ladoja and Ugo Mozie as panelists. The event was created as a means to inspire, promote and create resources for young creatives in Nigeria.

The project is dedicated to giving young Nigerians access to industry professionals within the creative and entrepreneurial industry with the aim to propel them within their respective fields and realise their own potential to teach them how to monetise their creative skills.

Speaking to Konbini about their initiative, this is what the organizers of Exposing New Narratives had to say: 



"Despite there being so many panel discussions in Nigeria on saving money or getting into entrepreneurship, there’s hardly any about breaking barriers in the creative industries.

So why not curate one in Lagos for Lagosians with an amazing set of Nigerian creatives as speakers?

Each panelist plays an major role in shaping the new narratives within their industry and I hope this gives everyone who comes to the panel discussion an opportunity for them to venture into their desired career."

(Photo: Melanin Unscripted)


"I recognise that I have a responsibility to use my position as a way to bridge the gap and change the status quo in whatever capacity.

I wanted to bring an amazing team of people together that I felt were equally as passionate about helping others and pushing boundaries and we were able to birth Exposing New Narratives under Unscripted Panels. We may not be able to directly change the world, but we can spark and educate the mind that will."


"Many children are conditioned, from a young age, to think that they can only work in law, banking, medicine or engineering.

I was always into entertainment and fashion but I didn't know I could make a career out of it because I thought it was frivolous.

I know there are many young boys and girls out there that probably still think the  same way I did before I was enlightened on how plausible it is to make a solid career in various creative fields. I want to help bring that same enlightenment to the youth in Nigeria."

(Photo: Melanin Unscripted)

The panel members have all individually brought awareness to the unique narratives in Africa and spread it around the world by creating brands that reflect both Nigerian and international standards.

Maleek Berry as a songwriter, artist and producer recognises the importance of technical skills and natural talent. Grace Ladoja manages Skepta, and is also a filmmaker who has worked on campaigns for major brands like Barbie and Nike. Ugo Mozie is a stylist and designer that is credited for shaping the brands of artist like Wizkid, Justin Bieber and Travis Scott. Reni Folawiyo is the founder of Alara Lagos, who takes pride in giving a platform to young artists and designers. 

This panel will also bring Nigerians in the diaspora together to share information, experiences and wisdom. There will also be a drinks reception in partnership with Chivas and Red Bull with sounds by DJ Femo following the discussion.

You can RSVP for this event here! See you there!

(Photo: Melanin Unscripted)

(Photo: Melanin Unscripted)

By Damilola Animashaun, published on 11/12/2017


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