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This Nigerian App Allows Employers Conduct Video Interviews Regardless Of Location

One of the most modern elements of the hiring and recruitment process is video interviewing. It is easier to organise, cuts costs and allows for re-evaluation later on.

Video interviews are productive (more interview screens can be done), convenient (answers can be recorded and reviewed at anytime) and economical. But despite all these advantages, video interview software can be notoriously expensive.

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Nigerian startup, Dropque, has launched its one-way video interviewing platform that allows interviews to be conducted anywhere, at any time, for cheaper prices. It allows companies to create video interviews and then send invite links to candidates to record their timed answers.

Dropque was launched last year at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) in Ghana, and backed financially by MEST in January.

All employers need to do is use Dropque’s intuitive interface to create video, text or file-based interviews, and send them to their prospective candidates. Candidates respond to the interview, with these responses immediately available for assessment on the dashboard. The video recording and uploading are designed to support slow internet speeds, so it's optimal for use in a country like ours.


Dropque has already signed up well over 100 companies onto the platform, including Printivo. They make money by charging recruiters a small subscription fee.

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By Olanrewaju Eweniyi, published on 18/01/2018

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