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Adekunle Gold's Style Is Just As Good As His Music

Nigerian men don't know how to dress and this is a fact, don't @ us. Adekunle Gold however doesn't fit into this category because he always serves mad lewks! - thanks to his fusion of traditional Nigerian fabric with a modern twist. 

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Clearly his music isn't the only thing about him that stands out, as his style also matters. At a time when Ankara was the main fabric that showed African style, Adekunle made adire look super cool! 

In a conversation with Pulse, his stylist Donald Onugba said:

"Adekunle Gold is very particular about his brand and tends to appear grand at all times, be it on stage or for his music videos.

I just try to make good designs that I feel will look grand on him and get matching accessories to complete the look I envisaged."

It's great how we can see that even though he has a stylist, his style is quintessentially his, and not a result of a new budget or said stylist. He wears his outfits with confidence and attitude, and has also managed to rock that 'African' look without seeming razz. Maybe he can give other Nigerian artists some style lessons because bruh

We love his individuality, as it's a lot better than looking like a high-end designer brand threw up on you, or - much worse - looking like a knock off Kanye West!

We're looking forward to seeing what he'll wear at his show on December 26, but we are confident he'll serve those lewks anyway! And if he were to ever start a ready-to-wear brand, we'll be all the way here for it!

Check out some of our favourite outfits from him so far: 

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By Damilola Animashaun, published on 22/12/2017