2-Year-Old Imoh Umoren Lost A School Race Because He Wanted To Hug His Father Instead

The connection a son has with his father will shape the rest of his life – for better or worse. That's why seeing a healthy, loving bond between a father and son is beyond heartwarming – and the relationship between Nigerian filmmaker, Imoh Umoren, and his 2-year-old son, Imoh Umoren Junior, is almost too adorable to handle (but we'll try).


On Tuesday, February 21, Imoh, while running in the toddlers' category at school, spotted his father trying to take a picture of him and immediately ran in for a hug, instead of completing the race – because he was used to ending most of his races at home by running into his father's arms (*wipes tears*).

Umoren was able to convince his son to get back in the race, and even with the adorable distraction, the cute little athlete still wound up finishing fourth (that's a fast kid sha), with his father declaring "...well, he won my heart."



Speaking with Konbini about the importance of a healthy father-son relationship, Umoren said:

"I think father-son bonding is pretty important. I didn't really have a relationship with mine cos he died too early and emotionally, I struggled growing up.

You know having that solid rock you can go to for advice about work, women and life. So I think it's important for a father to be in the life of their kid and raise them well."

About the importance of raising an emotionally vulnerable son, in a world filled with toxic masculinity, Umoren continued:


"I mean everyday you see on social media women complaining about men and I find that a lot of this misogyny may come from not being raised well.

So, I'm determined to raise a gentleman who takes responsibility for his actions and is not afraid to be vulnerable or express how they feel and a honest boy – not saying mothers can't do this too but fathers also have their responsibility."

Well, for those of you wondering, Imoh still placed third in another event later that day, which Umoren said left him feeling very emotional, since it was the little guy's first-ever competition.

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By Daniel Orubo, published on 22/02/2017


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