16-Year-Old Mo Odegbami Created Childzine, A Magazine For Her Peers

Given how amazing millennials are as a generation, it should come as no surprise that the next generation are following suit. 

People are really about the 'for us by us' movement, and when you want something that is not made available to you, the solution these days is to just make it yourself.

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A magazine for teens by teens


This is why 16-year-old, Mo Odegbami, with a team of friends – Aima Aig-Imokhuede, Molly Johnson, Tolu Faromika and Yasmin Birch – got started on Childishzine, a magazine that caters to their demographic.

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Childishzine is a platform created to showcase the work of different creatives from poets to photographers. On their website, they spoke about why they created the magazine:

"We created this in order to showcase the photography, poetry and the general art of young people who may not be well-known in the arts community.

We work to discover the most unique and talented people to feature in the Zine creating a fresh atmosphere to enhance the experience for our readers around the globe."

This group of teenage girls believe very strongly in the beauty and relevance of art. Through Childishzine, they would like to help other young creatives like them get their work out there. The first issue of their magazine is available to digitally download for free or print purchase on their website.

By Nescafé, published on 26/10/2017


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