This Company Wants To Solve The Housing Deficit In Nigeria With Shipping Containers

Against the backdrop of approximately 20 million housing units deficit in Nigeria, there is an undeniable need for affordable housing.

Tempohousing Nigeria, an arm of the Netherland-based Tempohousing Global and a leading Nigeria-based project developer, claim to be the solution to this problem, using ISO shipping containers to build homes on a budget ranging from two million naira to eight million naira.

Using technology pioneered in Amsterdam and tailored to the housing crisis in Nigeria and West Africa, Tempohousing Nigeria's main focus is on affordable housing, staff flats, serviced offices, student housing and health centres.


One of the beauties of this project is its simplicity. The houses can be built really quickly (some even taking as little as 2 weeks) for either temporary or permanent use.

Tempohousing Nigeria could significantly drive down the cost of the delivery of much needed affordable living and working spaces - while at two million naira 'affordable' is definitely up for debate, the cost is still significantly lower than the current industry average.

You can learn more about the initiative on their website.


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By Daniel Orubo, published on 22/09/2016