These Rainbow Food Arrangements Are Unbelievably Satisfying

Winning over hordes of Instagram followers with her rainbow-injected snaps, photographer Brittany Wright knows how to please the masses.

Specialising in perfectly curated food photography on her page WrightKitchen, the San Diego-based photographer creates mini universes of colour from fruits, vegetables and other delicious-looking foodstuffs. 

Painstakingly arranging the foods into patterns by size and shade, Brittany manages to create images so satisfying they're almost therapeutic. 

Speaking of her food passion via Twitter, she says: "It doesn’t matter whose party it is, I always prefer to be hanging out by the snacks." A girl after our own heart.

Brittany Wright has had her work shared by numerous magazines and brands in recent years and is now compiling her work into a photo book aptly entitled Feast Your Eyes, set to go on sale on November 28

You can check out more of Brittany Wright's work on her Instagram and website.

By Clara Le Naour, published on 24/11/2017