National Geographic Share Their Top Photography Tips To Capture Light

Creating great images means learning how to master your primary material: light. It’s not that easy though: it actually requires a lot of practice and a bit of theoretical knowledge. Robert Holmes is a widely acclaimed photographer working for National Geographic. Specialising in animal photography, travel and landscapes, he has mastered the art of capturing light

Robert shares his secrets with us in the video above. He explains that there are three types of light and shows how to control them without needing tons of equipment. He explains how your camera responds to light, how to anticipate the end result (the final image).

He tells us how to compensate for the difference between what the lens and what your eyes see, how important it is to spend time learn about your subjects, and finally how to manage the “blue hour”, the "Vermeer" light and the "Rembrandt” light.


Robert Holmes shares his decades of experience, his knowledge, his photographs and his travel stories. He tells us that we don’t need a plethora of filters and flash heads when you have natural light. You‘re about to learn all the tricks to emulate a "National Geographic" style.

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By Donnia Ghezlane-Lala, published on 18/01/2017

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