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How Dotun Popoola Is Transforming Scrap Metal Into Magnificent Sculptures

ART X Lagos is West Africa’s first international art fair, and we at Konbini will be profiling a few talented artists set to exhibit at the upcoming event, which will run from November 2 to November 4.

The talented artist, Dotun Popoola began his professional training at the Obafemi Awolowo University, where he graduated as the best overall student. There he studied sculpture, before going on to do a master's in painting. 



Also training as a welder and sculptor, Popoola was inspired to hybridise all his learning experiences in his art. He is primarily a sculptor but infuses painting to illustrate the beauty in junk, hoping to inspire other artists to reimagine and reinvent how they view artistic media. 

His latest pieces have been compiled into an exhibition, Irin Ajo, a collection of close-to-life-size iron-welded pieces that have toured America — from New York to Florida — before landing at The Signature Gallery, Lagos, in February this year. 

As many Nigerians do, Popoola has faced a number of difficulties in his creative process, simply by virtue of the fact that he is working in Nigeria. Speaking to The Nation, he sites lack of electricity and the unreliability of the generators he buys as a major problem. 

However, in true artistic fashion, Popoola turns his adversities around, using broken generator parts as junk metal for his art. He also sources material from sellers of scrap metal and mechanic workshops  — namely his dad's, to whom Irin Ajo is dedicated. 

Take a look at his work on his instagram here

You will be able to see Popoola's stunning work in person at the upcoming ART X Lagos, along with a bunch of other incredibly talented artists. You can learn more about the exciting event and get your tickets right here.

(Photo: ART X Lagos)

By Adewojumi Aderemi, published on 02/10/2018


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