These Beautiful Animations Celebrate The Indigenous Languages Of Mexico

In Mexico there are currently 364 languages that form 68 linguistic groups. This wealth of languages means that Mexico is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world although unfortunately many of these are being lost. Many parents no longer teach their children the native languages because of discrimination.

Nevertheless, there are people who are fighting back against this such as the creators of  Sixty Eight Voices and Sixty Eight Hearts a project that stands to encourage those from the indigenous community to speak their languages with pride.


(Photo: Sixty Eight Voices and Sixty Eight Hearts)

Following the death of her grandfather, who was of mayan descent from Maxcanú, Yucatán, Gabriela Badillo decided to create a project that would honour her ancestry through a series of animated tales that represent the voices and the histories that has been passed down to her.

No one can love what they do not know. Under this premise the shorts  "look to help encourage the members of the indigenous community to feel proud of themselves and of the richness of their culture and traditions so that this promotes respect towards all these communities within the wider population and can contribute as a drop in the ocean to breaking down discrimination."


Path of Tales, the states that are included in the project (Photo: Sixty Eight Voices and Sixty Eight Hearts)

From ancient myths about the creation of the elements to poems about life and death to popular fables about the different regions, the breadth of cultural wealth that this project spans is extraordinary. Besides the impeccable execution of the animations, the colour and vibrant aesthetic pay homage to popular Mexican art and remind us of the creative roots of the country.

The final objective is to produce a short film for every one of the 68 indigenous languages. At the moment there are only 20 complete films and 5 more in production. Below we've included a selection of this incredible project but you can find the rest on their website.

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By Amanda Adame, published on 06/01/2017