Arinze Stanley's Drawings Are (Almost) Too Realistic To Not Be Photographs

Arinze Stanley Egbe is a brilliant artist, who draws portraits that are so realistic, we are honestly having a hard time believing they aren't actually photographs (with everyone's favourite black and white Instagram filter).

Using only charcoal and graphite pencils, Arinze's hyperrealistic drawings are always impressive, and he seems to only be getting better.


(Photo: Harinzeyart)


Arinze, who has never attended an art class, says the "power of inspiration" was what got him started:

"I've got a slogan I work with and that's 'Practice, Patience, and Persistence'. They have actually guided me throughout the years and still guiding me till now. 

Constant practice, I think, made me better at what I do but It would not have been possible without persistence and patience."


(Photo: Harinzeyart)



(Photo: Harinzeyart)

Speaking with iRuqayya about the rest of his journey, Arinze said:

"I won't consider myself successful just yet, because everyday I draw is a journey for me. I see my art as a competition between me and myself.

So hopefully I'll just keep practicing as I always do to get better at what I do."

Check out more of Arinze's work on his Instagram.


(Photo: Harinzeyart)


(Photo: Harinzeyart)

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By Nescafé, published on 02/12/2016


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