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Photographer, Aldi Diasse Is On A Mission To Showcase Senegal's Beauty

Over the last decade, the internet has proven to be a great tool for bringing people from all over the world together in a virtual space. The world has become smaller because of this, and all the information you need is only one search button away. 

One of the things the internet is also great for is finding fresh talent from anywhere in the world that one would otherwise not have access to. Beyond that, it also serves as a space for talent such as Senegalese photographer Aldi Diasse, to showcase their work to an interested audience.

During his voyages around Senegal, he takes stunning photos of his surroundings, with the aim of changing the perception of Africa, and showcase the continent's true beauty. 

In conversation with Konbini, Aldi discusses his motivating factors and early influences.

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Konbini: What would you say is your primary mode of creative expression? 

Aldi: I express myself more through photography. I love to interact with people I see on the street living their everyday life. I'm also really interested in painting and I am looking to pick that up.  

Where do you draw inspiration?

I think inspiration has to be spontaneous, it's something that can touch you at any moment. I get the most inspiration, however, during my travels, when I am in the middle of nowhere, facing the sea. In those moments, I feel a creative force.

What is the most difficult part of creating?

I think every step of creation is difficult if one is a perfectionist. From the idea to the draft to the final realization, each part requires some attention. Creativity is hardly palpable, which makes the creative process unique every time.

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What were some of your early influences?

From an early age, I was influenced by mangas and comics, and then I grew up with a passion for art. Concerning photography, it was in 2012 that I got the click. I started taking pictures with my iPhone at the time, and gradually I delved into professional photography, with inspiration from three Senegalese photographers: Smkandji, LayePro, and Richard De Medeiros. 

What is your biggest motivating factor?

What motivates me most is to show the beauty of Africa, change people's vision of our continent, unveil our true riches. Through social networks, all the creatives of the continent can express themselves more easily and our scope is infinite. Africa is the present and that the art that emerges from it is so rich and inspiring.

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By Damilola Animashaun, published on 21/09/2017