'Young Sheldon' Sets Off For High School In New Trailer

In the works for over a year already, the much-teased spin-off to The Big Bang Theory is getting ready to make its big debut.

Centred around the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, the new CBS comedy will take us to the heart of Texas as the young genius gets ready to go to school. But here's the twist: the 9-year-old is packing his bags to set off for high school. 

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Young Sheldon will take place at the end of the 80s, as the super kitsch decor in this trailer goes to show. Long before the days of his TBBT flatshare, Sheldon lives with his mum, older brother and twin sister. 

Played by Lance Barber, the father of the child prodigy will also feature, the prequel taking place before his tragic death. We still have to be convinced, however, with the show opting for a different format than its mother show. 

While the canned laughter is finally off the cards, the show is set to follow a single camera set-up. The team behind the comedy isn't taking any big chances on its air time, however, as each spin-off episode will be aired right after a brand new instalment of The Big Bang Theory every week. 


You can check out Young Sheldon starting September 25

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By Florian Ques, published on 05/09/2017


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