Wizkid's Highly-Anticipated EP 'Sounds From The Other Side' Is Finally Here

Following the success of all its lead singles – some a bit more than the others – Wizkid's highly-anticipated EP,  Sounds From The Other Side, is finally here.

The EP starts off with familiar songs – "Sweet Love", "Come Closer", Naughty Ride", "African Bad Gyal" and "Daddy Yo" – so if you're listening to it in the prescribed order, you're going to have to go through five songs you've probably already overplayed before hearing anything new.


The EP's best new tracks find Wizkid literally bringing us "sounds from the other side" with songs like "Dirty Wine" featuring Ty Dolla $ign (who really shines on this project), "Gbese" featuring Trey Songz" and "All For Love" featuring Bucie.

Unfortunately, the strongest songs off the EP are still the ones we already heard months ago. The truth is, as great as some of the new tracks are, none of them really come close to the greatness of "Come Closer" and "Daddy Yo".

But the magic of Wizkid's music is that most of his songs are growers (we remember not being that into "Daddy Yo" when it initially dropped), so don't be surprised if we change our tune in a couple months.


You can listen to the entire EP on Wizkid's youtube page or any other streaming service. Till then, listen to the standout tracks below:

Wizkid (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – "Dirty Wine"

Wizkid (feat. Trey Songz) – "Gbese"


Wizkid (feat. Bucie) – "All For Love"

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By Daniel Orubo, published on 14/07/2017


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