Watch Jessica Oyelowo's Heartbreaking Debut Short Film, 'After The Storm'

Inspired by her husband, David Oyelowo's many roles in films centred around the US civil rights movement – from Selma to The Help – first-time director Jessica Oyelowo focuses on the families of activists with her short film, After The Storm.

With a 14-minute run time, After The Storm follows the life of an African-American family – a mother, father and their son – caught in the aftermath of an incident that has changed their dynamic forever.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Caleb Oyelowo (Photo: Jessica Oyelowo)

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Caleb Oyelowo (Photo: Jessica Oyelowo)


(Photo: Jessica Oyelowo)

Chike Okonkwo and Caleb Oyelowo (Photo: Jessica Oyelowo)

Speaking with Shadow And Act about what inspired the film, Jessica said:

"I became fascinated with activists and how their families’ lives are affected while my husband David prepared for the movie 'Selma'.

It is important to me to give a voice to those usually forgotten. 'After the Storm' was conceived for those left behind."


The film is executive produced by David Oyelowo and stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Beyond The Lights, Black Mirror); Chiké Okonkwo (Birth Of A Nation, Being Mary Jane); and David and Jessica's son, Caleb Oyelowo, in a very impressive debut performance.

Watch the short film below:


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By Daniel Orubo, published on 14/06/2017

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